Sheffield City Council has announced their draft, 10-point plan to help the city contribute to the global effort to slow climate change.

The extensive plan put forward by the Climate Change, Economy and Development Transitional Committee lists the steps they believe will help the city become more environmentally friendly.

Mark Whitworth, Sustainability and Climate Change Service Manager, who presented the draft at Sheffield City Hall on Wednesday, said the work would follow on from discussions held after the COP-26 event in Glasgow.

Mr Whitworth said: “Whatever your assessment is of the success of COP-26, I think it is abundantly clear that what’s needed is action now.

“Addressing climate change within the decade is essential to avoiding its catastrophic impacts.”

The key points of the plan are putting the climate at the centre of decision-making, being proactive in finding ways to resource the action that is needed, and taking action to reduce carbon now.

It also includes work towards reducing Council emissions to net-zero by 2030, bring the city together to make the changes needed, and working to develop delivery plans for the areas where change needs to happen in Sheffield.

Councillor Dianne Hurst, though, said an effective communication strategy is crucial in order for the plans to be successful.

Cllr Hurst said: “[We need to] not just talk about the initiatives or strategies, but also the reason why we’ve developed this step and why this action is necessary.

“If we don’t do that and get that information out there, it just becomes another thing that Sheffield City Council is doing to someone [the public] to make their life harder.”

Mr Whitworth also reiterated the importance of the city engaging with the plans.

“We have many people in the city who are interested but also have a significant understanding and expertise in this area,” he said.

“The involvement of people and how we work with them is going to be critical for the success of the plan.”