Parkwood Springs is deserving of rejuvenation, according to the Chair of the Friends of Wardsend Cemetery group.

The vast green space, which runs for nearly one and a half miles, regularly attracts lovers of nature, mountain biking and walking.

In the depths of Parkwood Springs lies Wardsend Cemetery, and a group set up to promote and preserve the resting grounds has claimed the area deserves investment.

Howard Bayley, Chair of the Friends of Wardsend Cemetery group, said: “Wardsend is on the border of Hillsborough, Burngreave and Southey.

“Two of those, Southey and Burngreave, are two of the most deprived areas in the city. I’m always conscious of the fact there seems to be a lot nicer green places in the south-west of the city.

“I think it’s time some of the other areas got something quite special as well.”

The group are keen for school pupils and volunteers to be able to use the space for projects and visits, and a cycle path is also on their wish list.

They are planning to encourage local stakeholders, businesses, schools, colleges and environmental groups to support their vision for their part of Parkwood Springs.

“We’re hoping to get involved with someone who owns land locally, who we hope can support us in providing some kind of facilities,” said Mr Bayley.

“We don’t have any toilets, or a base for anybody to work from. There’s a piece of land nearby we would like to see get developed so that groups, whether it’s school groups, volunteers, or anybody who wants to come and spend time down there, doing projects or visiting, have got a base to go to.”

Although the plans would not be able to get off the ground immediately, Mr Bayley believes planning should begin now to give the ambitions a chance of being realised.

He added: “We’d like to see that happening over the next few years. It can’t happen next year but hopefully the year after, we can start doing something.

“We need to start planning it now, otherwise I think this opportunity could come and go and we’d all regret it afterwards.”