Martin and Helen Summers joined Chapeltown Litter Pickers a few years ago after organiser Councillor John Housley encouraged them to get involved.

They all meet every other Saturday outside the library, and the volunteers are welcome to stay for as long as they wish.

The Chapeltown Litter Pickers group currently has 52 members and they welcome anyone who wants to help around the local area.

Mrs Summers told NEW Sheffield Issue: “No litter picker goes out to receive praise for what they do, but when somebody says ‘thank you’ it means an awful lot.

“It’s lovely to do something to help the community with my husband.”

Those who live and work nearby have noticed Mr and Mrs Summers frequent the streets of Chapeltown every other week and have jumped to give them recognition.

Kelsey White, co-owner of Chapeltown’s Sweet, said: “Martin and Helen pass our shop regularly and I want to thank them for the work they do. I don’t think they get enough appreciation.

“To say thank you, we decided to give them a free drink to warm them up on a cold day.”

The couple outside of

The amount of litter varies depending on the season, with summer being the worst. However, a lot of litter is still found every time the group go out.

Litter found by member Hannah Pearson

Mrs Summers added: “The group is always looking for volunteers. Martin and I usually help for a few hours as we have no young ones to look after.

“Families with children help out too which is lovely to see.”